Privacy Policy

Our site collects two types of user information: anonymous usage statistics from all site visitors, and user-submitted data from registered members.

All information gathered is used strictly to improve services and content. We don't share personal data with third parties, and we maintain information security with industry-standard data encryption.

Data collected from site visitors

Our website employs Google Analytics, a software tool that generates aggregate statistics about site visitors. Google Analytics collects information such as duration of visit, pages visited, web browser type, and general geographical location (city, state and country).

This data is collected anonymously and does not include any kind of personally identifiable information such as name, contact information, or any other personal details. We use Google Analytics to understand how visitors use our site and how we can improve and streamline the user experience.

Reports from Google Analytics allow us to provide advertisers with anonymous aggregate information about site usage, such as amount of visitors per month.

Data collected from registered users

Our site stores optional user-provided information, such as name, email and physical address, as well as account details like saved shopping carts, wish lists and order histories. Credit card data is not stored by the system.

All user-generated data, whether by guests or registered members, is protected by advanced encryption. Sensitive information is not shared with third parties except to comply with applicable legal requirements.