APF's Cem-Rez family of products is one of the most complete concrete resurfacing lines available on the market today. This overlay system offers the ultimate combination of beauty, durability and design freedom. Special latex polymer modifiers produce a versatile cementitious material with improved strength, adhesion and flexibility over conventional concrete.

Cem-Rez can be troweled, sprayed or stamped to produce finishes with endless color and texture possibilities. Cem-Rez products can a be used to create convincing simulations of brick, tile or stone.

APF Cem-Rez™ HT Texture

Cem-Rez™ HT Texture is a unique, semi self-leveling overlay that is used to resurface interior concrete floors. Due to its extreme durability, Cem-Rez™ HT Texture is particularly well suited for commercial applications such as restaurants and retail areas. It produces a finished surface that can be colored and stained to meet design requirements.

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APF Cem-Rez™ Smooth

Cem-Rez™ Smooth Texture is a versatile overlay that can be used on interior and exterior concrete. It is designed to be installed in several thin layers to create a smooth, plaster-like finish that can be colored or stained to fit any design concept.

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APF Cem-Rez™ Spray Texture

Cem-Rez™ Spray Texture system is a versatile spray-applied overlay that creates a non-slip surface. The texture can range from aggressively non-slip to knock down, making it the ideal finish for wet environments.

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APF Cem-Rez™ Stone Texture

Cem-Rez™ Stone Texture can be used to create faux flagstone, slate and tile finishes that are suitable for residential and commercial, interior and exterior applications. This system offers unlimited design capabilities.

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